There's a little black spot on the sun today




"I absolutely love Sven's illustrations,

they are a wonderful interpretation of my lyrics."





When Malo, was three years old he developed a serious illness. He traveled with his father back and forth to the hospital for treatment. On one such journey, legendary musician Sting’s song »King of Pain« came on the radio. Moved by the music, Malo found the words he needed to help him describe the pain, isolation, and fear he was feeling.


Sven Völker is Malo’s father. He translated the lines of the song into images. Concentrating on geometric shapes with sharp distinct edges and color, Völker has created a highly evocative interpretation of Sting’s poetic words. He puts them together in a variety of ways and combinations to create a range of impressive and color-intense images that visualize the pain.


How does one explain pain?

Originally destined for Malo’s bedroom walls, these bright images have become a picture book of intense emotions transforming Sting’s words into a captivating children’s book. »There’s a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today« deals with the abstract subject of pain in a remarkable way, exploring all it’s facets.
















Picture Book




"Ebenso minimalistische wie faszinierende Bilder"

Deutschlandradio Kultur


"Ein wunderschönes, vieltöniges Kinderbuch"

Stuttgarter Zeitung